6 - inches Multi Color Light

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Davenport, FL
OTTER Equipment
6 - inches Multi Color Light


Introducing our 6" Multi-Color Light. This compact yet powerful LED fixture is perfect for parties, weddings, concerts, and any occasion where you want to create an immersive atmosphere.

Offers a wide range of colors to suit any theme or mood. Creates seamless transitions between colors for stunning visual effects. Control the intensity of the light to match the ambiance of your event.

Choose from various pre-programmed lighting patterns, including strobe, fade, and chase effects.   Syncs with the music, pulsing and changing colors in response to the beat. Adjust speed, color sequence, and other parameters for a personalized light show.

The 6" Multi-Color Light. Contact us today to reserve your rental and bring your event to life with vibrant color and dynamic lighting.

Dive into a spectrum of possibilities with our 6” Multi-Color Light – where every hue sparks a new level of excitement!