When in Sickness and in Health Really Matters

If you are engaged to be married, you might be thinking that now is not the best time to get married. Most of the world is watching the news and it has everyone scared right now of the Corona Virus. When "in Sickness and in Health" Really Matters, is not just a phrase you hear in romantic comedies, it is a vow to be there for your soon to be husband or wife.


This is not to say, throw caution to the wind and do anything dangerous like touching your face after shaking a sick person’s hand.

If you have your wedding coming up soon, you can do things to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Change your wedding to an outdoor location like Florida where it is easy to stand further apart
  • Coordinate a way of live streaming your wedding to senior adults or anyone who is feeling ill and should not be traveling at this time
  • Hire trustworthy vendors who make sure everything is carefully cleaned before delivering it to your wedding
  • Let guests select to attend just the service and not the reception – your guests may want to see your wedding but feel uneasy about a reception
  • Have hand wipe station or small containers of hand wipes on your tables
  • Limit the number of people invited and consider the geographic location where people would be flying or traveling to your wedding
  • Limit slow dances
  • Have a designated people wearing gloves to open doors
  • Limit hugging and handshakes – fist bumps and elbow taps are fine
  • Do not have a finger food bar
  • Label ribbons with guest names on wine and champagne glasses to avoid mix-ups
  • Consider having a stay-cation at a local hotel or Air B&B rather than a honeymoon to avoid traveling by air or cruise ship

When in Sickness and in Health Really Matters On Your Special Day

Here at Otter Equipment, we understand what the Coronavirus is and we are taking precautions to prevent the spread of the disease. Some of the things we are doing include:

  • Using sanitary wipes to wipe down equipment
  • Using disinfectant spray
  • Using disposable gloves to pick up equipment

We also have flexible scheduling if your wedding needs to be re-scheduled. We are here to help you make your wedding wonderful.

When in Sickness and in Health Really Matters during these Difficult Times